Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Thought on the Olbermann/Matthews Ouster

So MSNBC has demoted this pair of idiots from their spots as anchor as noted here. I first speculated that MSNBC was responding to their outrageous partisanship as illustrated here.

But Michael Graham has a theory that holds more water. He thinks that MSNBC isn't so much trying to regain their journalistic integrity as stop them from damaging Obama further. Graham stated that anyone who really wants to help Obama would lock Olbermann and Matthews in a closet until after the election.

After all, MSNBC replaced them with David Gregory......not exactly Edward R. Murrow.


Stella said...

You know I like you, Maggie, but we're 180 degrees apart politically. Allow me to speak my mind.

Edward R. Murrow was a liberal. I see little difference between what's going on with the New Republicans and Joseph McCarthy. If we had a Murrow now, the current version of the GOP would be decimated. Further, Olbermann is quite brilliant and quick-witted.

By the way, if you don't like Olberman, you're going to HATE Dr. Rachel Maddow, who is even more liberal that Olberman and has her own show. I love her! How on earth were Obermann and Matthews doing anything to destroy Obama's reputation? Sounds like first-rate conspiracy theory to me.

Gotta tell you, Maggie, Palin's record is worse than this administration. The last great Republicans were Dwight Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater. If one of them were running, I'd change my party immediately.

I've read enough of Palin's record and am sickened. She is truly a horrible excuse for a politician, let alone a human being. Ok. I'm done.

BostonMaggie said...

We are far apart politically Stella, but this one wasn't about politics. It was about journalism. It was a bout ethics and balance.

Murrow was a liberal, but he was also a professional. He would never have fawned over a candidate he favored personally. As a matter of fact I think Murrow would actually have been a little tougher on a favorite candidate, just to live up to his own ideals.

I do not see the parrallel you are seeing between "New Republicans" and McCarthy.

You are correct about Maddow. I subscribe to a very liberal YouTube channel and he loves Maddow. He is always putting up vids that he feels showcase her at her best. I have yet to be impressed. I find her very shrill.

What I think about MSNBC and the "Olbermann/Matthews" thing is indeed a theory, but hardly a conspiracy theory. I am basing it on the fact that there is a segment of the population that is too conservative to vote for Obama, but too apathetic about McCain to get all fired up. Some of them were fired up by McCain's selection of Palin. However, there were still plenty of fence sitters. Some of those fence sitters were offended by the attacks on Palin. Olbermann & Matthews have hurt Obama because they are viewed as being too biased in his favor. I don't know how many there were, but I know they exist, I have heard them. And what I hear them saying is that the *left-wing media* is not going to pick their President. I don't know how many there are, I am simply saying that, they exist and they are being pushed to McCain as a backlash against people like Olbermann and McCain.

After Olbermann's disgusting display, apologizing for the GOP playing that video, I am thrilled he is suffering this consequence. Not only did I find nothing offensive in the airing of that video (there are far more graphic images from that day), I think Americans should have to watch something very much like it every single day.

I can understand disagreeing with Palin's stand on issues, but a horrible excuse for a human being???? LOL

BillT said...

Palin's record?

As in, alleged to have cheated in a beauty contest? Compared to, say, Biden, confirmed to have cheated in law school?