Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Good Follow Up Point..... the post below this one.

Sure it's all well and good for me to enjoy a good "gotcha" moment, but someone over at the Corner had a very good point.

More Important than a Bracelet [Jonah Goldberg]
From a reader:

While some are looking for confirmation whether Mrs. Jopek had asked Senator Obama to stop wearing (or using it) her son's wristband, what all are ignoring is Sergeant Jopek supported the mission in Iraq and died supporting a cause he believed in. That is Obama's greatest shame, that he has always failed to say that SGT Jopek gave all in a cause he believed in.

Yet that is just like what the liberal media failed to say when they propped up Cindy Sheehan. Not once to date in over 150 entries has the NY Times mentioned that Casey Sheehan 1) reenlisted knowing he would be deployed to Iraq, 2) volunteered for the rescue mission he died during, and 3) when told he did not have to volunteer, replied, "Where my Chief goes, I go." ('Chief' is the formal title for the head of a maintenance section in the U.S. Army. Casey Sheehan was a mechanic).

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