Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey! I Know This Guy!

KEVIN SAMPSON, 37, of Hingham, leaping off the American Legion Memorial Bridge (a.k.a. Big Bridge) on the Edgartown-Oak Bluffs line -- an activity the police say is legal -- Aug. 23, 2008:

"This seemed like a good idea when my 4-year-old son told me that I should jump off the bridge like the other guys. Instead of getting into the timeless life lesson that every parent tells their child, I decided to go ahead and jump off the bridge like all the other guys. Halfway around, I realized that I was much older than the 'other guys' as vertigo set in and I really couldn't tell if I was going to hit the water with my feet or my face. After hitting the water with less than Olympic form, I found the surface, gasped my first breath, and was feeling pretty good until I heard one of the kids on the bridge say, 'Hey, that old gray-haired guy just did a backflip.' My kid thinks I'm a hero for another summer, but I'll most likely take my father's advice the next time all the other guys are jumping off the bridge and stand back and enjoy the summer fun. That is, unless he double-dog dares me."

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