Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another Thumbs Up For My Bad Boyfriend's Speech

Part of Kat's post (which I mentioned below) was a link to Ace of Spades. They were reviewing the speech and this comment caught my eye.

"As many people are saying, it seems better in retrospect.

"It was a moment. Moments don't replay well usually.

McCain doesn't usually have moments.The impressive thing is that everybody in that room has been fist-clinching, spittle-spraying, red-haze fucking furious with John McCain at least three times in the last nine years. Says something to want someone that infuriating to succeed that much.

Posted by: Ronsonic at September 05, 2008 09:10 PM (ywSvi)

Now, I don't know about "fist-clinching, spittle-spraying, red-haze fucking furious"........but I have been angry with him. There are things I get really aggravated with. There is a reason I refer to him as my Bad Boyfriend. He makes me really mad sometimes and we break up, but in the end I always come back. That, I think sums up the sentiment of most Republicans. You know he is true and genuine and devoted to his country. You know he is smart and well-informed and insightful and experienced. Then he does something that gets the Republican base angry. He doesn't put us first. But then you realize that as angry as you's all part of why McCain is so great. It's one of the big reasons that he is going to be a great President. It's one of the things that not only sets him apart from sets him apart from most other people who would be President.

McCain doesn't want to be the Republican President, he wants to be the American President. Other people can say that, but you *know* McCain means much as that will make some in the base "fist-clinching, spittle-spraying, red-haze fucking furious", lol!

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