Sunday, September 07, 2008

John Kerry vs. Ed O'Reilly

My favorite part was when Kerry tossed out that discredited chestnut about how he prepared for the vote to go into Iraq .

O'Reilly berated him for not having read the National Intelligence Estimate (which always blew me away).

Kerry replied "Let me just say, I did something better than read it.......I actually met with the CIA teams. I actually went to the Pentagon and sat with the leader of National Intelligence at the Pentagon. I looked at the photographs. I asked them 'What that building is? What does it represent? How do you know this? How do you know that?" I took the time. I think I was the only United States Senator, I went to New York, met with the entire national security council......."

Too bad that the Washington Times said in 2004 that no one on the security council acknowledges that it happened that way, lol.

The O'Reilly beat him over the head with Bob Schrum "Wah! Bob does this vote in going into Iraq make me look Presidential?" LOL

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