Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner At East Bay

Maybe I pay too much attention to Dick????

I know most of the bartenders, but Dick is my favorite. Tonight he wasn't there and we had Jeff. Jeff introduced himself. LOL I know who Jeff is! Maybe I have to spread some attention around.

Anyway, Amy, Jen and Chris joined my sisters and I at East Bay for dinner. I told Chris he was going to look like he had a harem walking in with five women. He agreed he was the man.

We haven't had the chance to hang with Amy since her wedding more than four years ago and it was great. We haven't seen much more of Chris.

It was fun and dinner was good and we have promised to do it more often.

I felt the teensiest bad for Amy and Chris. I was talking about the cancer and the Revlimid and they looked shocked. I apologized and told them I thought they knew. Chris said his parents hadn't really gone into it and Amy was just shocked even though both Jen's had told her.

I have to be more careful. Not everyone is ready for how casual and irreverent I am about it.

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Stella said...

People tend to be uncomfortable about dealing with someone with cancer, even good friends.
I am convinced cancer was harder on my friends and spouse than it was on me.

I'm an "in your face" person. (Yes, of course you know.) My hair fell out two weeks after my first chemo treatment, so I immediately shaved my head and never wore a wig, scarf, or hat. I cherished the feeling of the wind on my scalp during summer.

When I went to work out that morning. One of the trainers with a strong Boston accent yelled across the room, "Girl, you got guts." That was one of the most empowering moments of my illness. Dinners and being with friends always made me feel better.

Our ailments differ, but I hope you don't mind me saying "Princess Crabby, you got guts." Please take care and be you.