Friday, September 05, 2008

The Best Part

This is the last part of the speech. The best part, the part where he wraps it up and makes his point starts at about 3:30.

Yeah, I know, it's not the soaring rhetoric of Obama.

Yeah, I know, some people struggled to stay awake. Whatever.

Yeah, I know, I'm biased because I have loved my Bad Boyfriend since the beginning of time.

Yeah, I know, I'm already a Republican....and I favor the military....and I am a Navy girl.

But here are my two questions -

Do you doubt that he meant every word of it?

Do you doubt that he has walked the walk?

That's all that matters. There are those that could have given a better speech, but I have always believed that actions speak louder.............and better than words.

I didn't hear a speech, I heard a man tell me what was in his heart. If I want a pretty speech, I will cue up Kenneth Branaugh in Henry V. I don't want Shakespeare as POTUS. I want a man who will honestly tell me what he will do and to know he can and will do it.

It wasn't a great speech, it wasn't even McCain's greatest speech, but at the end.......I have never loved him more.

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