Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Revlimid is here!The first thing I did was call my Dad and tell him I had it and I would start taking them tomorrow. 47, and I still get spooled up at the thought of being in trouble with my Dad.

Then I called Jen, I am currently winning the "most costly medication" contest. Twenty-one days of Revlimid is $6,769.29...........I beat her M.S. meds by $2G per month.

I ran out to CVS to drop off the accompanying script for dexamethasone (an oral steroid) & the 81 mg aspirin. I also wanted to grab a little more cold medicine, this thing won't let go.

So I give the guy the script, I have the cold medicine and aspirin in my hands when the hysteria hit. I'm picking up stuff for my cancer. My cancer. MY CANCER!

I walk over to the cards and I pick out two Halloween cards for Keira & Kevin, my ex-husband's children.

Then I turn around and I see some Burt's Bees lip balm and I pick it up. Then some candle like thing...it's rose scented.

That's when Grace called. She was just home from her hematologist and they had had a discussion of about my MM. I was still walking around the store picking up a different color lipstick.....a body scrub in coconut....and something else.....I said to Grace "I'm glad you called. I was getting hysterical in here. You know what I am doing, don't you? I am buying health and beauty products that I don't need. I just picked up lip balm and body scrub. I'll need chocolate, they have a whole aisle of that." Grace laughed and I heard the CVS employee standing behind me laugh before she walked away. Grace noted that I needed some aromatherapy. I told her about the rose scented stuff. She said I needed lavender, it was calming. Yeah, you need to be calm about cancer. Suddenly there was the CVS employee, she had gone to get me a basket (I had stuff piled up in my arms). I laughed and thanked her. I told Grace, now I had room for chocolate. She said "Only one thing!" So I bought M&Ms for me. And a Toblerone for Jen.
I told Grace not to worry about about the chocolate because I have to give it all up tomorrow. A low carb diet makes it easier to tolerate the medicine and reduces the possibility of side effects.

I found some lavender scented Tide and figured, two birds, one stone.
I'm back at work. I have to work a little longer tonight to make up for a) leaving work to run this errand and b) blowing money on body scrub and lipstick and lip balm and aromatherapy.

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Bridget the Flogging Molly Chick said...

Hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd share something... My Mom is a transplant patient, and I remember the surrealness of picking up her meds for the first time. I understand the panic, although I went for the cadbury's fruit/nut bar. Its good that you have others who can make you laugh and talk you down from the panic. And your friend was right.. lavender is the best. My Mom now washes everything in a lavender scent, and also has a special pillow that she brings with her for the random stays in the hospital which is also lavender scented.
Good luck to you, and I hope you enjoyed everyone of those M&Ms!