Thursday, September 04, 2008

Didn't I Tell You My Bad Boyfriend Ruled!

I hustled the girls through dinner.

"I have to be sitting in front of a TV when my Bad Boyfriend comes on at 10."

We left Paparazzi a little later than I would have liked and perhaps I was a little heavy on the gas. We were on Route 3 in the passing lane when Jennifer announced "Ladies and gentleman we have reached a comfortable cruising altitude and in a moment we will turn off the seatbelt light and you may move about the cabin."

We dropped Ed off and I performed a neat if speedy 3 point turn to get back out of the driveway.

But we were all settled in as the video rolled.Jen had the TV on FoxNews but when McCain walked out and I realized how much Brit Hume was going to talk I begged for CSpan.

That background at the beginning, the green grass.........yuck!

Jen was upset at the interuptions but the crowd handled that. She protested that no one was allowed to interrupt Obama and I just laughed. "When they do that to McCain or any conservative that's freedom of speech........when you do it to Obama, it's a crime." Besides the protesters only got the crowd even more revved up. Good for us!

Of course he peeved Jen with his "reach across the aisle" talk. But she had to concur that the ending was fabulous!

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