Sunday, September 07, 2008

So, I Gave This Some Thought

I tried to digest it.

Not fly off the handle.

But, it turns out, my first reaction is still where I am.

Keith Olbermann is a asshat.

I missed the RNC video tribute to 9/11 when it was live. Then I was reading about the Convention and somebody wrote about Keith Olbermann apologizing about something. It caught my eye because I can't imagine a circumstance that would cause that overbearing, puffed up buffoon to see himself for the asshat he is. So I followed the link and I saw this

So, I thought "Holy Cow! What did they show????"
I went to the YouTube Channel for the Convention and called up the video. It's called "9/11:The Day The World Stood Still"

My initial thought was that the video was well done and Olbermann was overblown as usual. Then after a bit I thought that Olbermann was more than overblown he was being a jackass. I got angry - where did he get off? Who did he think he was to presume to apologize for John McCain? After all, this was his convention. Who was Olbermann to presume to speak for much less apologize for John McCain. Olbermann is not fit to speak of or to John McCain, never mind apologize for John McCain.

I was going to post about it. But I wanted to think about it. So I did. I put it aside and went about my weekend.

Today I did dishes and laundry. I listened to some of the morning talk shows. I went to breakfast with Jen. I came home and washed windows and floors. I posted about that other asshat, "Big Ketchup" Kerry. I did more laundry and sorted through some of my personal stuff. Then I went to the beach and to swim and read. Once home.....more cleaning.

Then I sat down and watched "United 93".

I have thought about this enough.

Olbermann is an asshat.


BillT said...

Once again, are being entirely too kind in your assessment.

But that's why you're a Princess, I guess...

Ron Simpson said...

Olbermann is not fit to clean the toilets on McCain's plane.
Olbermann is a pimple on the ass of the world.
Olbermann has syphilis of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth.
Olbermann is a complete waste of oxygen that could be put to much better use fueling a forest fire.
I cannot stand Olbermann.
His jackass compatriot Chris Matthews is not any better. The two of them can provide all the manure the world needs just by speaking.

SK said...

Asshat is all you could come up with? You must be at a loss for words (like that's ever happened), because he is so much worse than that!

"Olbermann is a pimple on the ass of the world."

I don't know Ron, but after reading his comment, I might be in love! lol