Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There It Was..........

.....the best moment of the convention so far.

Orson Swindle followed the Michael Monsoor vid and recognized his sister and two Seal teammates.

Then the five MOH winners present.

Then McCain's fellow POWs.

Then former President George H.W. Bush along with all the veterans present.

President Bush walked over to Monsoor's sister Sarah and hugged her.


Anthony said...

A poignant moment and one that stood in stark contrast to Kerry in 2004 where the only military people to be found were the ones on his payroll or mediocrities and failures like Wes Clark.

Four names no one remembers support Obama...

A gathering of old warriors and sheepdogs to support McCain and to hail the heroes of this generation and the next. This is the leadership we need!

FbL said...

What got me was the moment when the narrator talked about Monsoor's sacrifice beyond what any commander could ask... then it cuts to the tears on Bush's face.

Someday, in a saner world, we will hear ALL the stories about him and his time with the wounded and families of the fallen, the ways he must have agonized over this war, the burden he will carry in his heart for the rest of his life...

Anthony said...

FbL, well put. These are things that Obama will never understand even if, (God Forbid), he is elected. He's made a career of ducking responsibility, (all those "Present" votes) and no doubt he would do the same if anyone died on his watch.

Back in the nineties after the Battle Mogadishu, Larry Joyce, retired Army Officer and father of SGT Casey Joyce who was killed on 03OCT1993, asked Clinton in the oval office for some acceptance of responsibility for his son's death. Clinton was silent. Obama is no better.

President Bush does feel the loss of every warrior and that is something the left, narcissistic and selfish as it is, will never grasp.