Saturday, September 27, 2008

No Corned Beef Except On Thursdays????

So we drive to Wistah and grab up Gen for lunch and a movie. She wanted Irish food. We go to O'Connor's Restaurant & Bar. The place *looks* great! There were shamrocks and Irish flags and claddaghs and pictures of Ireland and pubs and even pics from "The Quiet Man".
But you can only get a boiled dinner on Thursday. Come again? We killed ourselves laughing. Gen ended up with some chicken dish with an Italian name.
My review is mixed at best. To get to the ladies room you had to walk from a carpeted surface to wet, slippery tile to another carpet. Then downstairs. And it smelled like urine.
Next, our waitress. Initially hostile, then she warmed up. We were at a long narrow table and we passed everything we wanted her to take to the end and stacked it. Even so, she tried to take my apps plate from in front of me with food still on it. Hello? Clear signals. Jen says I am tough on wait staff. She says one would think I was a fabulous waitress. I was not. I was terrible. Couldn't handle heavy traffic. But people liked me and I got good tips. I never touched a plate with food on it until I asked.
Food. As I said, I'll never get over not being able to get a boiled dinner in a place that purports to be Irish. However, Gen liked her chicken. Deb liked her fish and chips. I loved the appetizer, "Miriam Lucey's Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks - Six savory corned beef hash wrapped in flaky pastry. Baked and served with our heather-honey and Colman's mustard dip."
Drinks. Jen got Sam Adams OctoberFest so she was happy and had I been drinking they had Boru vodka.
Dessert. “Our soon to be Famous….” Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding Perfect for the fall, Sticky Toffee Pudding is a wickedly delicious warm dessert, moist cake flavored with apples and dates, topped with a decadent sticky toffee caramel sauce. Served with vanilla ice cream. - Fabulous!!
Gen picked the movie "Ghost Town", I was not enthusiastic.....but it was good. Laugh out loud funny in parts. Especially the parts where the lead character was mean. You know how that sort of thing resonates with me.
Jen was on a minor crime spree. When the check came, she filled out the tip and signed Grace's name. Grace protested that it wasn't legal. Then when we got to the cinema it was raining. I dropped everyone at the door, gave Jen my credit card for the tickets and went off to find a parking spot. that a gateway crime?
We dropped Gen back at the dorm and Grace gave her all the things on her mini wish list.
A good day. I will never again pass up the chance to be with my sisters and nieces. I was always pretty good about it, but know.

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