Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So, I Took A Pregnancy Test


That's how I said it on the phone to my mother too.

Fun for shock value.

After I filled out all the Revlimid paperwork in the doctor's office Monday I thought I was all set. It bordered on the ridiculous. I had to place my initials in at least 11 different boxes, mostly having to do with pregnancy. I had to promise not to get pregnant on this medication. Not to share my medication with anyone who could be or get pregnant. Not nurse while on this medication. I had to promise that if I were to engage in heterosexual intercourse, I would use a primary and a secondary method of birth control. It went on and on.

Then I got back to the office and they called - I needed to get back in there for a pregnancy test. It's not good enough for me to say I am not pregnant. The manufacturer will not ship the Revlimid until they get a negative blood test result.

I went this morning and when I got to the office Rachael and Nic had left a little present on my chair. A little baby "onsie" wrapped in baby shower paper.

Ha. Ha.

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