Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Here

Something happens everytime I least this one was minor.

I finished up at work around 0200 or so....went home to pack. Frankie wanted to talk. So packing was difficult. No sleep, ADD, and deep thoughts from Frankie.

I pulled it off, Frankie went to bed. I packed. I showered. I hit the road by 0400 as planned. I called the cab to meet me at Grace's house at 0500. I figured I could stow the car there and save some money.

Cab pulls up at 0501. Close enough. I am at Logan 20 minutes later. I print my boarding pass. I go to look at the cell phone to check the time - I don't wear a watch.

No cell phone.

My brain froze! Is there still such a thing as a payphone anymore? Do I have quarters?

I call Grace, which is great - she wanted to drive me to the airport and I said no, getting up at 0500 is ridiculous! Then I end up calling and waking her at 0530! She checked the car in case I dropped it there - no - the phone isn't in the car. She gives me the cab company's number (because I have it stored in the phone I don't have). I call, he's got it.

He brings it. I pay a second cab fare. I make my flight. That puts me one up on last time.

Now I am going for a swim. So far the Stratosphere is nice.

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Barb said...

BCR is spending the night here at my house, so we can get an early start on Friday. See you later!