Monday, April 27, 2009

Wash Your Flippin' Hands!

For pity's sake, everyone is getting all spooled up about "The Other White Meat Flu" (h/t Navy CS).

It's not 1918. Wash your hands, observe good hygeine. Be smart. Don't panic.

Good. God. How far gone are we when *I* am the voice of reason?

My sister Jen & I agree that we will fall down laughing if Obama closes the border over this. How ironic would that be?

Not that it will help you. I attended a lecture where one of the speakers was Frances Townshend. She explained that it has never been part of the plan to shut the borders down in the case of a flu epidemic/pandemic.

All you can do is practice good hygeine and maybe store some water and tuna like Grace.

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