Sunday, April 05, 2009

It's Good To Know I Didn't Waste All Those Saturday Afternoons

When I was young and there were no plans and the weather outside was inhospitable (and some times when it was very nice), I would watch John Wayne movies.

In Harm's Way

Operation Pacific

They Were Expendable

My favorites were the Navy pics, but I also loved the westerns. Although to be perfectly honest, I didn't appreciate "The Searchers" until I was an adult. Really I think it was his best. "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" on the other hand.....I never came to appreciate. It's just too ridiculous that Vera Miles (or anyone) would pick stupid goofy Jimmy Stewart over John Wayne. Preposterous really.

Anyway, over on FB, I was having a little back and forth with Murray from the Castle.

Maggie: "When is your birthday?"

Murray: "26th, me and John Wayne."

Maggie: "LOL! How did you know that I was such a big fan that I would instantly know that was May?"

Murray: "Everyone loves the Duke. Or voted for Obama."

Maggie: "LOL! So all those Saturday afternoons mooning over the Duke in his dress whites in "Operation Pacific" or "In Harm's Way" were the gods grooming me to vote against Obama in '08?"

Murray: "Yep."
It's all clear to me now!

BTW, go read this post at his place.

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