Monday, April 27, 2009

Thursday Night/Friday Morning

OK, so the plan was - Grace arrives at 10 pm (2200 hours) and off we go. Grace questioned me many times, why then? I patiently explained, because then we go through New York and New Jersey in the dead of night.

She called one last time around 7 pm and asked if I didn't want to up it a little. I said come down now!!! LOL I knew I wasn't ready and it's not like she can take me or anything.

So in the middle of packing etc., Galrahn calls me and asks if he can give VADM Harvey my cell phone number. What!! He needed to ask? LOL

When does she show? Nearly 10:30 pm!!! What? LOL My boss is texting me "Have you left or are you late?" Late, I replied but not my fault.

So fine we are on the road at 11. First problem is that the TomTom doesn't recognize the new Route 44 and keeps trying to send us down 58. This makes Grace nervous. She doesn't trust the TomTom or any navigational device for that matter.

So Grace drove the whole way down. She likes to be in control and it was just as well because I was carsick. I rarely get carsick, very strange.

Anyway, we arrive in DC around 0800 or so. No traffic. No problems. It was great. We had requested early check-in but I remember thinking that there was no way they would have the room ready.

Side note - Everyone at the Arlington Westin was fabulous. The valet, the doorman, the concierge, the front desk clerks, the waiter. They did every possible thing to make our stay pleasant.

Anyway, I gave the front desk clerk my cell phone number and she said she'd call when our room was ready. We went in to eat breakfast and just as we were finishing - who calls? Yeah, VADM Harvey. He welcomed me to DC and told me that he had checked into my tour and regretted it wouldn't be near where he was.

I hung up the phone and Jen & Grace asked who I was talking to. I told them and they told me to shut up.

The cell phone rang again - the room was ready. Perfect! We paid the check and headed up to the room. On the way I saw Jeannie from in the lobby. I introduced myself and we arranged to meet in the lobby with the others who were headed to the Pentagon.

I was early for that meeting, lol.

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