Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That LT. Nixon Is A Funny Bastid

I haven't jumped to much on this bandwagon, everyone already knows how much I love, respect and admire the US Navy. But a few have been to funny not to pass along. Like this one. Click on the pic for the post.

Also, "God Bless the Easter Seals!"


Anonymous said...

Hi, Maggie. You may be inappropriate, but unprepared does not describe you ! I love everything you write. I wish you well. Keep up the good work in Baahhston. From the Retieahd Seenya Chief Submarinah in Wintah Pahk, Flahrida.

SK said...

Maggie inappropriate? hahahaha Anon, your comment made my morning....and no I'm not being snarky. Unless you're the Anon who called us idiots :)