Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday Afternoon - Getting To The Pentagon

So, just before noon I am in the lobby of the Arlington Westin, waiting for the others when FbL walks by. Yay! We hug and greet each other. She is carrying a box of something and I look inside to see if it's something I want to steal, lol.

She wasn't headed to the Pentagon and needed to get more things done off she went.
Jeannie from showed up as well as Mrs. Greyhawk. Others were meeting us there, so off we went on the Metro.

Once at the Pentagon, we hooked up with Beth Wilson of HomeFront In Focus and her husband. We talked about her upcoming embark. Then Rebekah Sanderlin and her husband came up. Greyhawk, Matty O'Blackfive, CJ of A Soldier's Perspective & You Served were going to meet us inside.
After going through security we were inside the door and there were the USO Girls! Jamie and Caroline were standing with my friend TSO. I was so excited to see them. As we were greeting each other and introducing the rest of our group, I could feel a man watching me. I turned and he was standing against the wall on the edge of our group. I turned and put out my hand "I'm Maggie." He took my hand and said "I'm Mike." Could it be???? I cocked my head and he added "Mike Junge." It was!! I feigned confusion. "Umm?" He laughed and said something about USS Whidbey Island. I don't remember exactly what because I was having a hard time with keeping a straight face. Besides, I was dying to give him his present.

I grabbed it out of the bag and apologized at it's slightly messy state. I had just unwrapped it for the security screening a few minutes earlier. But like a 2 year old.....I couldn't wait. I assured him as I handed it to him that it was the best present ever.
Disclosure - I didn't think of it. I didn't obtain it. I rode someone else's coattails.....not an unusual occurence. When I was invited to CDR Junge's CofC back in March I sent out a couple of messages to the Navy Coterie. "Ideas! I need ideas!" CDR Bullard of USS Constitution came back with the most perfect idea ever! It's a shell, filled with oak from the decks and a command coin. It is a accompanied by a certificate. Seriously, could there possibly be a better gift?

"It's from CDR Bullard and I" I announced. I knew the second he looked at me that I had a total winner of a gift. He showed it to my little group who were watching this whole scene.

Then it was decided that CDR Junge would tag along with our group. Fortunately Lindy Kyzer thought that was a good idea. While we waited for the tour to begin, Mike & I talked about his new position, my trip down.


Michael Junge said...

Thanks for a great gift, Maggie. It was superb to finally meet you and also to be able to hang around for the afternoon panel.

CJ said...

Maggie, as always I had a great time. Hope you didn't take our ribs personally - though I know that even if we were serious you wouldn't care! hehe. You're an awesome broad and a hell of a military supporter!

AFSister said...

If I could stomach it, I would suggest that you work for the Obama administration, in charge of gifts for heads of foreign countries.