Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where To Even Start!!!!

Congratulations and Happy Easter to CAPT Phillips, his wife, children, family and friends. You got the best Easter present eva!

Bravo Zulu to the officers and crew if the USS Bainbridge DDG-96 who lived up to their motto - "Competence ~ Dedication ~ Discipline" - completely. Plus, I always have complete faith in a guy named Frank!

I only found out 30 minutes ago, I was at my parent's house where technology is ten years behind. No Internet. Not even dial-up. Nothing. My mother had the Lifetime Movie Network on mute all afternoon while people came and went. I came in the door, popped on FoxNews, went to the back of the house, put on laundry.....came back into the living room and "WHAT? YES!!"

From the supersecret Navy evil chuckle about the priceless look on that last pirate's face as he is on the Bainbridge negotiating the pirate escape and CAPT Phillips return. Imagine, the pirate feeling smug, dictating terms. Then there is a commotion. Shots. Cheering. Sucks to be you buddy!
I am relieved to have called Obama's actions correctly. I said that I understood he would talk as long as talking was safe. Talking CAPT Phillips out of danger would have been the best possible outcome for Obama. It fits will his philosophy. I'm cool with that. But I said repeatedly that when push came to shove, he would give the order to fire. I am happy and relieved to have been right.

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