Friday, April 17, 2009

I Have A Headache

I want to blog about the MSM slant on the release of the Interrogation Memos.

I want to blog about this cool pic I got in email.

I want to blog about how beautiful it was to be on the waterfront this morning.

I want to blog about the SecDef being at the NWC in Newport today.....and no one invited me!!!! WTF?

But my head is killing me and I am superstressed about Jen, money, DC and life in general.

In anticipation of the trip to DC I have been making accelerated payments on the one credit card I have. A good chunk of the cost will be reimbursed, but I still have to front it. So I have been preparing (I know, unusual for me), and now I've lost the card. I've searched everywhere. So I called to cancel it and get a new one. I explained that I need it for the trip. They are expediting it, but now I will worry until I have it. If I don't get it in time, I am screwed. It was already going to be tight.

I got together all the paperwork for the fitness benefit for Blue Cross. I got everyone forms. I got everyone's documentation. I gave everyone the fax number. Everyone got checks but me. Blue Cross says they have up to two weeks to do it, but it's been three weeks today.

Jen and I went to her doctor Monday. It was a good visit, we love Dr. V. But it's still stressful and now she doesn't feel well. Will she be better by the time we head for DC? I don't know.

I'm going into the office kitchen and see if there is any chocolate.


FbL said...

I've got an empty credit card, so I'd be happy to put it to use for any Maggie-related purchases in DC. :)

SK said...

Maggie, I'll help any way I can. On a card or in cash. Just let me know. But you WILL be in DC!

Stella said...

D.C. WOW! That's going to be wonderful. I've never been there. Maggie, I don't do credit cards, but I can send you a check. I think we have $0.01 in the checking account.

Pardon my silence. My computer at home is gone and I'm still buried with work.