Thursday, April 02, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

Today was the local oncologist. We went over tests, etc.


I am free for three months with him as well!

No blood tests, no office visits.

I was nice and agreed to Aredia quarterly. I told him that I didn't want to be completely horrid, just rather difficult.

In the beginning the "number" was everything. When they saw the IgA was 5948 it was a big deal, stage IIIA. Then there was the whole battle to get it down. But now, with some context......

After all I still have no symptoms of the cancer and as near as I can figure the tests that set off this alarm (elevated total protein, low albumin, anemia, etc.) have been present for at least three years.

In 10 months of testing my blood they see my kidneys are fine.

So I have won!!! I have brought both of them around to my point of view - that there is no value in giving me problems to fight a cancer that isn't hurting me.

So now I have three months to further heal from the chemo. Three months to concentrate on losing all the weight I gained. Three months to see what all these nutritional supplements (extra "D", curcumin, cinnamon, etc) can do to possibly fight my cancer naturally.

Tonight there will be pasta and chocolate (no, not on the same plate). Jen and I will watch "The Unit", we are three episodes behind.

Then tomorrow starts three months of Atkins and the gym and lots of water and all my vitamins.


Tom Goering said...


**Wildly dances a jig!!!**

Ut oh - I think I just dislocated my hip :)

Great news Maggie!

BostonMaggie said...

Well get Bonnie to push it back into place, you two have a vacation coming up.

Stella said...

I don't have to tell you how happy I am to hear this news. Knowing you are getting well made this a great week.

Keep being "difficult." That just means you know how to take care of yourself.