Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OK, A Break From Piracy and Politics

I don't watch "American Idol" or it's British version "Britain's Got Talent", but I was completely taken aback by this video. I found the original vid at NRO. But there was a longer one that included an intro and the voting afterward.

They don't let you embed it. You have click the link. It's totally worth the time.

Click. The. Link.


tim's wife said...

Goes to show you how judgemental people are where appearances are
concerned. It gave me goosebumps listening to her. Wow!

SK said...

In-freakin-credible! I've seen Les Mis a few times, including once on Broadway, and this lady is as good as any I've heard with that song.

Stella said...

Awesome. Tim's wife, I second your comment. Why is this country so shallow? I always wonder if my favorite bands from the 70s, you know like Rush and Yes, ever would have gotten a shot today.