Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Going To Bed Any Second

But I had to throw this out here.

French hostages freed off Somalia

I have heard some say "Good on the French for taking it into their own hands." As a matter of fact, SB is one of them. I understand that sentiment. And for the record.....should I ever be in such a situation, feel free to blow up everything in sight. Do not take my wellbeing into account in the least. After all, that is the upside to having incurable, drug-resistant cancer.And I am sure the French military did the best they could. But they lost a hostage.

And not for nothing, but the couple who owned the yacht were repeatedly warned not to go there. What the eff? And they took their child. Assclowns.

Eagle1 addressed this episode here.

However, I am content to give talking a little more time in the matter of CAPT Phillips. I'd like my hostage back alive.

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