Tuesday, April 07, 2009

So Far So Good

I went to Jordan for the Aredia, a bone strengthener that you get via a two hour IV. When I showed up and checked in, I asked if there was an insurance copay. "No, there are no copays with your policy for chemo." That rocked me back a little. I hadn't thought about this as chemo. After all, there is nothing wrong with my bones. They are giving this to me as a precaution. They are sure the cancer will begin to attack my bones and supposedly this puts me in a better position.

So I settled into a comfortable geri chair and opened my book. It was warm there and the only channel that comes in that deep in the hospital is Magic 106.7.

I had a lot of trouble concentrating on the book. I couldn't think of the names of the songs playing behind my head. I thought, "What if I'm not smart anymore?" I kept pushing that thought out of my mind and texting Jen about how the whole thing blows. Next thing I knew, I was asleep.

Other than sucking the life out of me. It's fine. I am slow moving, but not sick, like Zometa.

The kitchen sink sprang a leak, but Frankie and his friends handled it. The sink has never been replaced in the 27 years I've been here. It's porcelain and all nicked and scuffed. They bought a new sink. Now they want a new counter top. Yikes! So far though I've only spent $95.00. The counter top shouldn't be much more and it had to be done.

I fell asleep after Jack and now I am awake again. I forgot the magnesium.

Oh well, more Nyquil, then back to bed to try again.

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