Thursday, April 09, 2009

What I Woke Up To

Yeah, I know, I sleep a lot. Cancer, recovering from chemo, compromised immune system, lazy, whatever. Anyway, here's where we are on the Maersk Alabama.

Eagle1's update - Somali Pirates: Navy Destroyer on Scene of Hostage Event

Fox is reporting that the ship and it's contents is moving on the Mombassa. After all, it is food aid for Kenya and they can't hang around indefinitely. Still I am sure leaving the scene was really tough on that crew. There's really no way a group of people can live/work together like that and not be tight-knit. It must be like leaving family behind. I hope it is some consolation that the best this country has to offer, the United States Navy, is staying with CAPT. Phillips.

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Lamp Tramp said...

Happy to find your posts about the ALABAMA, we, also, are watching minute to minute.