Friday, April 10, 2009

What A Bummer! But BZ CAPT Phillips!

I woke up this morning to FoxNews reporting that CAPT Phillips tried to eacape his captors and swim to the safety. Unfortunately, he was recaptured.
American Ship Captain Held Hostage Unsuccessfully Tries to Escape

As always, lots of really good info at Information Dissemination
Observing the Obama Administration Somali Piracy Policy

and Eagle Speak
Somali Pirates: Captain Of Maersk Alabama Still Held; Pirates, Navy Sending Reinforcements
where yet another stupid TV "expert" is called out for incorrectly identifying USS Bainbridge DDG-96.

Wonder if the TV people will wise up and do a little more research before discussing the next two ships set to arrive - USS Halyburton & USS Boxer. If any of them are reading here - I recommend a trip to Gal or Mark's place....or both before you start talking.

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