Thursday, April 02, 2009

What Donut?

Jen & I went to breakfast at our favorite place. We had bacon and cheese omelets, no home fries, like good little Atkins girls.

On our way to our jobs in our separate cars, we swing through the DD for tea to go. I was first, I ordered a large hot tea, two bags, two splenda and a donut. I drive around the corner to pay. The guy hands me the donut first (Jen can't see me), I hand him a five and ask if the woman in the car behind me got tea. I have enough to cover her tea. He says "Yes, do you want to pay for that?" I say yes and he keeps my change. "Thanks, don't tell her about the donut."

I drive away and head for work.

I am enjoying my donut and in comes a text "Thanks for the tea. I know about the donut."


I read it to the office and Rachael advises me to pop the last of it in my mouth and say "What donut?"

I send back a text "Donut? What donut? I don't have a donut. What a finkah!"

Jen calls laughing "He didn't fink. I rolled up and he handed me the tea and said 'The lady in the car ahead already paid for it.' I laughed and told him you were my sister and this must be a bribe. That you must have gotten something you shouldn't have. He said 'I don't know anything about that!' and looked upset. I laughed and told him not to worry. But then when I was moving the cup I realized it was coffee and had to go back. I went inside and while he was getting the tea he said 'Your sister is going to think I told on her and I messed up your tea, I'm having a bad day.' So I just told him 'At least you're not a finker."

It was a good donut. It's fun to be bad.

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