Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'll Be Honest About My Addictions

I can't stop eating M&Ms .

I can't stop watching Jack Bauer.

But, damn it, I hope they kill Janeane Garofolo in some heinous painful way on "24".

H/T Don Surber.

Janeane Garolo on Dissent


Jamie said...

This was the first season I haven't watched. Mostly because of her. If she isn't on there too much maybe I'll rent the DVD and if she gets killed then I will buy it!

Desert Sailor said...

Gotta admit "24" lost it's cool when Jack came back and that douche J....Garaf-o-hell...appeared. I hope she stars in a SERE special only done by the Taliban!! B!atch needs to go.

There...that felt better.

And by the way, when you see Gen P...tell him his old battle captain said "Hi"! He IS an awesome American.

BostonMaggie said...

Jamie - Any Garofolo is too much Garofolo! LOL

DS - My sister Jen is with you. She went on someone else's blog and tossed me under the bus.

"Thank you so much for writing this. Yesterday I told my sister the very sad news that I would not be watching last nights episode.

I was just done; done with the whole Tony is bad, now he is good now he is bad routine. Done with the idea that America is what is bad for America crap. Done with the onslaught of returning bad characters. His daughter is returning apologizing and going to save him, please! She has been a whiny self absorbed brat for lack of a better term and now we are supposed to believe she will selflessly risk everything for him, come on, really?

My sister and I have been fans of this show from the beginning so she didn't take the news well. She begged, she pleaded but I held firm and did not watch it last night.

Thanks for brilliantly expressing the truth about this show in your article, you are spot on in your assessment and only a fan desperately hoping for a return to the glory days miracle that will not be coming could think otherwise."


I have to laugh if you think when I meet General P, I will be able to form coherent thoughts and remember anything you tell me!!!