Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Find This Guy (Girl?) So Funny

The blog "Barack Obama's Teleprompter" slays me. I love the posts, the commenters. Oh and it's on Twitter, so I get little bite sized bit of humor too.

Killer B
Big Guy called Bruno and Biden into the Oval about 15 minutes ago and he was pretty annoyed. There are rumors that Biden's comments on the "Today" show this morning, where he said he personally told his family not to ride public transportation or to even go into a mall out of concern for the porcine-induced disaster, caused a panic on the Washington Metro.

Bruno said he briefed Biden on what to say and not say, and that it just "went in one ear and out the other." At this point in the conversation, it appeared Biden was just staring out the window at a bee in the Rose Garden, just following it as it buzzed around.

I don't know what's worse: that the man has an attention span of a gnat, or his incurable case of foot in mouth disease.

And then there's the comments -

tennismom2 said...
If either Napoleonatano or Joe the Plugger goes off script again, they may get the flu in the Chicago sense.

~AV~ said...
TOTUS....BO better get get a larger circus tent or lay-off some clowns...

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