Saturday, April 04, 2009

That's Right!

It's tuna in the tuna bowl!!! After work Jen, Grace, Debbie and I met up at my parent's house. I had tuna (my Dad buys the premium stuff in the gold can) on toast. Jennifer had a grilled cheese, Grace had turkey and Debbie had a smorgasbord of snacky things. My father wanted her to try his new jam "Smucker's Orchard Finest". When she liked the strawberry, he brought out the blueberry. Then he went to the back hall and got some triple berry thing. She had some chips and Cheeze-Its. When Grace mentioned having pizza earlier in the day, Debbie demanded to know how she missed that. I can only laugh at all this because she is as thin as a rail even though she eats like a puppy.

After a cleanup that lasted almost as long as the Not my fault, my Dad kept bringing things out! Anyway, we went into the parlour to watch "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day".
Silly, but we liked it.

All in all, a very good evening.

But then I came home.

Frankie and his crew had left me a sink full of dirty dishes. Ok, I got that cleaned up.

I flipped on SNL and the opening skit was just depressing. Obama explaining how he would decide which businesses would survive and which would close.....willingly, he hoped. Otherwise by force. Brrrr!

So I popped over to the computer to blog about the tuna bowl when I got the Washington Post alert about the damn North Koreans. Now I have to pop over to see what various members of the Naval blogosphere have to say about this.

Gal - North Korea Launches Rocket

Newt explains why you need to pay attention.

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