Thursday, July 03, 2008

JFK and the Declaration of Independence


radical redneck said...

Liberalism IS a mental disorder! I went over to see how Kayinsane was celebrating our nation’s birthday. The Stoooooooooooooopid™ and the Crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee™ were stratospheric!

are you feeling patriotic after all these years? I’m not.

Only a Patriot understands that the last eight years of the Bush Regime have been treasonous & traitorous and we’re the ones who get out the pitchforks & torches every time we see the face of Bush! Those who don’t understand this are the ones who sit on their couches day after day staring straight ahead, drooling down their necks, and watching Fox News. They’re called traitors.

The wingnuts are perfectly happy wrapping themselves in the US flag to cut off the blood flow to their brains, because as they go through their lives, their hatred for all Americans who aren’t pasty white & greedy like they are is so revealing

we liberals are hoping today you choke on your BBQ chicken. We’d love that! You wouldn’t know how happy our nation and the world would be knowing all the neocons died on the 4th of July!!!! Hell, I’m getting butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it.

neocons hate America. I bet one of them just fainted because he’s got the flag wrapped too tightly today in celebration. All right wingers are loyal to Hitler and the leader of Kurdistan/Uzbekistan

George Bush was never REALLY in the military. It was just a show and a cover by George H.W. Bush to keep his precious Satan-Spawn from serving in Vietnam. Did any reich winger serve proudly? Even Bob Dole got his injuries from throwing a grenade which bounced off a tree and exploded near him. Bah hahahahahahaha!

Time to hit the showers! PUKE!

BostonMaggie said...

People who are angry with Bush are short sighted. They don't bother to really look into what's going on. The man has a strategic vision that I strongly agree with. It will be more clear to watch in hindsight. It's too bad he doesn't have a Peggy Noonan type to help him articulate it all because it would be a lot easier on him if people *got* it. But most Americans are lazy and happy to be spoon fed their opinions by the MSM. It really takes some effort and it is worth it.

RR - You need to stop reading that crap, it's going to make you crazy.

radical redneck said...

BM, moonbats are one of my guilty pleasures. Kay is proof positive Massachusetts made the right move by jettisoning Maine as their outhouse!

Rob said...

George Bush will never be vindicated by history. He will be laughed at.

BostonMaggie said...

Rob - People talked smack about Truman too.

I won't be around in 50 I can't make a bet. But I am that sure, I would bet anything.