Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Leander school named after 'determined' local Marine

Lt. Matthew Vandegrift High School is scheduled to open in 2010.
By Bob Banta
Friday, July 04, 2008
He was a top student and an athlete who excelled at almost everything he tried. Now, Matthew Vandegrift, a 28-year-old Marine first lieutenant who died April 21 from combat wounds he suffered in Iraq, will have a high school named after him.
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Now there is one small problem. Some anti-war people who can not distinquish between honoring a Marine and their crazy opposition to the war in Iraq are protesting.

From The Conservative Revolution.

A school district near Austin, TX wants to name a new high school there Vandegrift High School after a fallen Marine who graduated in 1999. He was killed in Iraq serving his country, and the local school board voted to name a new high school after him. This is a great gesture of appreciation. But unfortunately some lunatic leftists are protesting this decision. Please contact the Leander ISD to let them know you support their decision, despite what a vocal, anti-American minority of fringe activists think.
Call the school district at 512-434-5000. Fax a letter to them at 512-434-5398. Email them at:,,,,,,,
The local school board is scheduled to discuss the matter again Thursday evening. The resolution originally passed unanimously. Please support this school board and encourage them to honor this fallen hero
This story came to me in an email from ConcreteBob.
I love the irony of it. There was a process for naming the school. There was a public comment period. People who wanted to be involved were. The name was selected. Now whiny people with Bush Derangement Syndrome want special consideration. I'm guessing that in a conservative state like Texas enough of this family's supporters will turn out with their like minded neighbors. But just the fact that this deranged minority can get everyone's wheels spinning is so aggravating. People with lives and committments will put them aside to be at that meeting. Because that's what responsible people do. They will pass up on another meeting or family event or whatever just so some nitwit can try to re-re-re-redebate the war in Iraq.

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