Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Friday

As I mentioned here, Friday was the colonoscopy - yuck - but everything went as expected. It was routine and there were no surprises. We go because of a family member who had a more serious condition. Anyway, we all go to the same doctor and he's at MGH. So the plan was that Jen would drop me on Thursday evening - my father would take me over in the morning - I'd sleep over one more night. I would come back with them since Saturday morning was their time to come down to the cottage anyway. I was in no rush, last time all I did was sleep for 24 after the procedure. What did it matter where I slept?

However my reaction was different this time. I was much less sleepy. So I checked the commuter rail schedule and planned to come home on Friday evening. I was going to call a friend to take me over to South Station when suddenly my mother announced we would leave for the cottage then - at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon. I tried to talk her out of it, but her mind was made up. My father grumbled for a moment. The disruption of the schedule. He's big on plans, timetables and schedules.

We were on the road within 40 minutes and it was my childhood relived. Driving down the Expressway at rush hour on our way to the cottage on a Friday in July. My parents in the front seat. The car packed with our stuff. My father had some easy-listening station on that played some songs from the 70s. The picture was complete.

My parents are very good to me.

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