Saturday, July 19, 2008

People Who Want To Bury Me In Books

So I have mentioned before that I am overwhelmed by my reading list. Still, it does nothing to stop me from buying new books or having people recommend/send new books.
Now I have a new problem. People who think they are important enough to have their book bumped to the top of the list.
Currently I am still reading "The Pentagon's New Map". I pick it up, I read it, it causes me to go get other things to read, I come back to it. I am listening to "The World is Flat", I am having a tough time with the narrator's voice. "The World is Flat" bumped "1776" which I was enjoying enormously but I felt that I needed "The World Is Flat" while I was reading "The Pentagon's New Map".
This did not stop me from buying and peeking at "Eating Soup With A Knife".
Last night Grace, Jen, Deb and I were on the porch of the cottage. It is my parent's time down here and Grace arrived last night. She was discussing her son's summer reading list. One of the books is "Guns, Germs and Steel". I exclaimed that I want to read that. Grace smiled. Apparently, someone had already thought of that. Greg thinks I should read it for him - note: no one is serious, Grace does not cheat, she does not allow her children to cheat. I replied that I'd be happy to if he could wait until I get to it in 2012.
Jennifer replied that blood should be able to cut the line.

Tomorrow I am going to the beach and I am only bringing Cosmo.

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