Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My ex-husband, John, had a strategy back in the days when we played Trivial Pursuit. If there was a geography question he didn't know the answer to.....he would just say "Ecuador!". He knew it was a possible answer and he figured.....eventually he'd be right. He had a similar strategy for Nightly News - Walter Cronkite and History - Winston Churchill.

So one night he gets a question to which he had no response. John was pretty good at geography, so was I and our oldest son was phenomenal! Anyway, after answering lots of questions, he hits one he doesn't know. It's geography, he doesn't know and he trots out "Ecuador!". Son of a gun! He's right. We killed ourselves laughing.

What's my point?

I'm glad you asked.

"16 months!" is Barak Obama's "Ecuador!" He has been saying it since time out of mind. Now that we have slogged through all the shit of getting Iraq right. Now that the Surge has worked. Now people are saying "Ok, let's look at a drawdown. Yeah, maybe a year and half or so, maybe sooner."

LOL - you know what this means, right? Obama, his supporters, and the sycophants in the media get to say Obama was right all along!!!!



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