Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mr. Leavitt knows just enough to get it all wrong.

Mr. Leavitt's opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal is extremely one-sided and misleading. The comments make for better reading.

Will Congress Continue a Medicare Scam?

It's like anything else. Someone comes along and wants to tinker with the system and all they will do is fuck it up. If Mr. Leavitt gets his way and competetive bidding becomes a reality, it will be a mess. More Medicare oxygen patients will end up in the hospital and for longer stays. The quality of the equipment and the service will naturally fall off. Suppliers will have to make cuts somewhere.

Kat at the Castle of Argghhh! has a fabulous rebuttal.

The Department of Disingenuity and the Real Medicare Scam

She covers everything except for the invaluable service I perform, but I added that to her comments.

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