Friday, July 25, 2008

Off With Their Heads!!

One of my favorite Disney characters was the Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland". I aspire to be that despotic.

As I is the tenth day.

First, Grace called this morning -
G - "Where are you?"
M - "In the shower."
G - "Ack! Visual!"
M - "You asked."
G - "Never mind. What's the timeline? When will the doctor call?"
M - "Probably not today."
G - "Will you call aggressively?"
M - "No. They said ten to fourteen days. Today is the tenth, plus it's a Friday in July. If I haven't heard by Tuesday, I will call."
G - Sounds of exasperation.

Then I get into work and field the same questions with the same answers.

We get a call from my favorite connection at the Jordan Hospital. She is aware of my situation and is going to "keep an eye out" for my test results. However, today she has called on another matter. Rachael hears her name and comes up to me......"What did she say?" I laugh and explain that she was ordering equipment for someone else......"Calm down Grace!" Rachael laughs.

My boss comes in and asks when I am going to call the doctor. I tell her Tuesday. She says she wants to call my doctor's office and pretend to be me.

Next up is a series of emails from Jen
J - "When will you hear from her today?"
M - "It may not be today. Grace called this morning. Everyone in the office has asked, lol. Bette wants to call and pretend to be me. It is far more likely to be Monday."
J - "I realize I was just wondering if she was more likely to call you in the afternoon?"
M - "I think getting the call today is highly unlikely, period. However, she makes her calls in the 1700 to 1900 range."
J - "Keeps your cranky pants on!! Serves us right for caring about cranky Mary…………"
M - "*You* people are bothering me. Not vice versa."
J - "I’m your people?? I don’t know if I want to be in the category."
M - "You are. Deal with it."

Look, I know I waited to tell some people. But you know now. I will tell you any further info as soon as I know it. However, I am not going to crawl up the ass of my medical care team.

It's not helping the state of my mental health if you all call.

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FbL said...

After reading this, I was very tempted to call you and ask, "Have you heard anything yet??!!"

*evil grin*