Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stop Embarrassing Obama!

He is embarrassed for Americans who go to France and can only say "Merci beaucoup".

Michael Graham had the line of the day.

"If someone from France asked if I was embarrassed that I didn't speak French, I'd say no and you're lucky you don't speak German!"

You know Princess Crabby is bilingual - "Pog ma thoin, Obama"

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BillT said...

If a Frenchman hears you groping for a word in French, he'll ask if you'd rather speak English and then make fun of his own English.

If a German hears you groping for a word in German, he'll switch to English and charge on.

If a Spaniard hears you groping for a word in Spanish, or an Italian hears you fumbling in your American accent, they'll invite a passerby who speaks English over to act as an interpreter.

Obie's insulting Spanish-speaking immigrants by implying they're too stupid to learn English, so we must condescend to learn *Spanish*.

Which version? Somebody who speaks the Guatemalan version of Spanish can barely understand somebody speaking Mexican Spanish and neither one of them can understand everything someone from the Dominican Republic is saying.

If Obie knew anything about languages, he'd know that English supplanted French as the "international language" over fifty years ago...