Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's A Beach Day

As the Ogre once described the average summer day in New's hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell. OK, maybe not quite, but it is to this New Englander. It's 81 already and headed up.

Grace and my nieces have joined my parents at the cottage. So I am headed up. I am already in my bathing suit even though we will not head down to the beach for a few hours. The high tide is around one and in this heat I will not last long.

I should go to work or clean the house. But I will go to the cottage and hang. I should have spent more of my life hanging with parents. I am not the daughter I should have been. As far as Grace goes, I am not the sister I should have been. I am better with Jen. We won't discuss my brother Frank. But I am the aunt I always wanted to be. I am fun and generous and spontaneous and outrageous and excessive and interesting.

Last night after we picked up Gen at the train station, Debbie confessed to polishing off the cheez doodles. I told Grace to pull up to Stop&Shop. Gen and I went in. Gen had mentioned wanting a sundae and I knew there was only ice cream, so I got add-ons. Then I picked up danish for the morning. We got back to the car and Grace yelled "I thought you went in for a bag of cheez doodles!" I looked at her quizzically, then the overflowing shopping bag, then back to Grace. "We did, can't you see them sticking up?" She sighed. I make Grace sigh a lot. I make a lot of people sigh.

Life is short - go be a good (fill in the role that applies). Be funny and generous and spontaneous and outrageous and excessive. Make the serious people sigh.....they need the extra oxygen.


BillT said...'s hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell.

At 81°F.

It doesn't get that *cold* over here except in the dead of winter! At *night*!

81°F. Piffle.

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! I know. I have been to the ME, remember? That's why I added the caveat of being a New Englander. My blood is thicker than yours. My grandmother used to eat molasses before winter to thicken her blood up and pickled things in spring to thin it back out.
When I went to Dubai, it was pretty thin because I went in August and I was ready for HOT. But I have been working a lot lately in an air conditioned office so I wasn't prepared.

Get it? Great logic, huh? Yesterday was part of getting ready to pop in on you.

BillT said...

Soooo, you've been eating pickles, too?