Sunday, July 13, 2008

How To Crash A Wedding

First, it's easier if the bride and groom say "Please crash our wedding." That way you have all the details. Otherwise, you have to find out all that stuff on your own.

I was lucky. Last Saturday the last party I crashed....I met Major Milstein and his lovely fiance Debra. We all enjoyed hearing about their upcoming wedding that was to be held at the New England Aquarium. Debra graciously mentioned that not everyone invited was able to make it, so I was welcome to crash (people really shouldn't encourage me).

Major Milstein's planned military arch was thwarted by the needs of the Corps. I offered to make a few calls. Turns out that there aren't that many Marines available in Boston. So I wasn't able to help with that.

However, I found that I was free for the earlier part of this evening and thought......what the heck!

It was a perfect evening for a ceremony, low to mid 70s, a lovely breeze, just right to enjoy Boston Harbor.

I was a little worried about Cape traffic so my father offered his car. That was a relief. The Saturn doesn this funny thing when the engine runs too hot and the transmission start to have a problem shifting. Since I had the Buick, I made it and I made it on time.

I'm bad at estimating crowds, but I'll guess there were maybe just under 80 people? I took a spot at the back, got a glass of ice water and settled in.

This was my first Jewish wedding and so it was doubly interesting. There was a Chuppah. I didn't realize that the groom keeps the cloth and wears it to services and on holy days. Major Milstein and his family were very close to the Rabbi who performed the ceremony and it was wonderfully personal. The Rabbi tied in several points from the ceremony with the Major's childhood, his family, his commitment to Debra, Israel and history. He discussed the Ketubah and how it is the oldest legal document in continuous use in the world today.

The most moving part was when Debra turned to Seth and said "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine". What a handsome couple they made! He was wearing his Marine uniform and she had on a traditional white dress with a striking red bow in the back.

I really appreciated the last blessing during which the Rabbi talked about always keeping in mind that we should pray for a strong Jerusalem and remember to keep Jerusalem and Isreal in our thoughts even on happy occassions.

After the ceremony I approached the maid of honor while she rested her feet in their fashionable but uncomfortable shoes. I introduced myself.........."Hi, I'm Maggie, the wedding crasher." They were very gracious and filled me in on things and invited me to crash their wedding next weekend. And you know.....I would seriously consider it if it weren't happening in Philadelphia! they were fun and their wedding is a costume wedding. The bride will be wearing a Victorian day gown and the groom will be wearing a space suit. That's going to be a fun wedding.

I met the maid of honor's mother and the bride's stepfather.

The food was plentiful and I loved the polenta cakes.

Finally I got my chance to congratulate the bride and groom and thank them for their hospitality.

Alas, my coach was turning into a pumpkin. My father's car had a time limit. So I was off after that.

Debra and Seth, I wish you every good thing. You make a lovely couple. Thank you for an enjoyable and interesting evening.

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