Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Am Wiped

Computer problems at work. More emotional phone calls. People catching me off guard.

I finally ditched work and went to get a pedicure.

I got back to work all set to buckle down and get some scut work done when Jen called.

Great! Take off the work hat. Put on the designated driver chauffer cap.

I can't wait to get to bed.

Pat had the line of the day. She was headed across the way to the Office Max. I said "Wait, where are you going? Do they have anything I want?"

"I don't know" she says "Like a cure for cancer?"

I laughed so hard I had to wipe tears away. Rachael was horrified.

It's all good.

1 comment:

FbL said...

I love it! I'm so glad you have people like that in your life. :)