Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Swine of the IOC

From Abu Maquwamu

The Swine of the IOC

For a decade, the International Olympic Committee allowed Saddam Hussein's son Uday to imprison, torture, and kill Iraq's Olympic athletes without a word.

Meanwhile, the IOC, much like it did Germany in 1936, gives China a free ride despite the imprisonment, torture, and execution of political prisoners and asks that nobody politicize the Olympics.

It is fascinating then that the IOC decided that the current Iraqi Olympic committee has suffered political interference and therefore Iraqi athletes were banned from participating in the Beijing Olympics.

Kip is certain that Chinese dissenters are able to participate in the Chinese Olympic committee.

Apolitical my a**. So, to all you athletes out there, the IOC has now given you the green light to wear your save Tibet t-shirts whether or not you know where it is on a map.

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BillT said...

Saying the IOC is apolitical is like saying that Obama has the courage of his convictions.