Sunday, July 20, 2008

FoxNews Sunday

You know I love it! I love the panel.
So it started at 1800 but so did the Red Sox. I was watching with my favorite Sailor. The first segment was Admiral Mullen. He was wearing the new khaki uniform, my father commented unfavorably on the shoulder boards. SB referred to Nimitz. Doesn't matter, my Dad favors service dress blues. Anyway when Senator Evan Bayh came on, my father decided watching the Red Sox was a higher priority.

I popped down to Jennifer's to watch the rest of the show. After all that's where the Cold River vodka was anyway. Usually I watch the panel and shut it off. I'm glad I didn't this week. I would have missed this.

Honor Flight Network
You can watch Chris Wallace's interview with Earl Morse here.
I highly recommend it.
After you watch it, if you want to make a donation, you can do it via PayPal here.


LargeBill said...

I like the dress khaki. However, I am not a fan of shoulder boards for Chiefs. Leave that for the O's.

FbL said...

I just learned about Honor Flights last week. A fellow volunteer at the USO was a "Guardian" for a trip a couple weeks ago. She said it was the best trip of her life. She just beamed about it--talking about hearing the stories of the veterans, etc. It sounds like such a wonderful organization.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs will wear anchors on the collars Bill. No shoulder boards for us.