Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Am Techno-capped

*****UPDATE******07/25/08 @ 2010 The scoop on making a donation****
****UPDATE*****07/25/08 @ 0935 Barb can't get to me until tonight. I tried to just cut and paste it into a post (at least that way I am not messing with the sidebar), but Blogger wouldn't accept it. So we have to wait*******
When it comes to blogrolls and sidebar issues, I am on the Blogger short bus. The few things I have are thanks to Barb. I email and beg her to help me......I will owe her big time in Vegas. I have sent up the Bat Signal so I can once again be rescued.

There should be a PayPal button here soon so you can pop in and donate to the "Kendra Johnson Fund".

Meanwhile, remember you can still donate by going into any NFCU and telling them you want to make a deposit into the "Kendra Johnson Fund". You can also go into your own bank and ask them to help you wire a donation. The account number is 3014797462. NFCU routing # is 2560-7497-4. It can be done online, but again I will be no help with that!

You can also email

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Barb said...

There will be a fee, of course. Vegas will be SO much fun :-)