Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How's Your Politics?

Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

District Attorney Daniel F. Conley

Stop dragging Paul Cahill and Thomas Payne into your politics.
Front page. Above the fold.

'07 fire inquiry stuck in neutral

Menino and the others want random drug and alcohol testing in the BFD.

The Firefighter's Union wants the best possible deal out of the city.

Ok, that's fine, battle it out. But stop dragging Paul Cahill and Thomas Payne into this. Random drug and alcohol testing would not have prevented their deaths.

If on the other hand, you really want to place some blame in their deaths as opposed to playing politics.................let's talk about the culpability of the owners and/or managers of the Tai Ho Mandarin and Cantonese restaurant. They are the ones who created the situation. How about Boston's City Inspectional Services who allowed the dangerous conditions to fester.

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