Friday, July 25, 2008

Mike Moran

Tonight on Joe & Huggy, Huggy mentioned that his favorite part of "The Concert for New York" was The Who performing for the firefighters.

I disagree.

It was Mike Moran.

Click here and see if you agree. It's not the whole cut, but it's most of it.

I think this was The Who song Huggy meant.


Patrick said...

Dear Maggie,

See my email, of course.

Get the DVD, I've taken it to Iraq, twice. I've never needed to watch it, but I thank you for reminding me why I bring "The Concert for New York" with me when I go.

When you watch the DVD, probably even more now on Blue-ray, you can see that Townsend's hands are bleeding. He gave all he could to remind us to remember. Daltrey surely shot his pipes for days from his scream at the end. Entwistle is months away from killing himself with white powder. Starkey is holding the beat much better than Keith Moon could have, if he had lasted this long.

I'm not certain this is the best set that "The Who" ever played, but I am sure this is the best set they could play. I am sure this is the set they cared about the most and the best song they ever played for an audience that understood it better than anyone group ever did.

If John McCain's staff has a clue on earth, they will buy the rights for this song, preferably this performance, and play it two weeks before the election. It will make everybody forget there was ever a "Daisy" commercial.

Patrick said...

I stand corrected "Townshend".