Monday, July 28, 2008

And We End The Day On A High Note......or Not

My knee is killing me!

So I go off to Quincy tonight to attend the wake of my pal Kath's ex-father-in-law. My ex and I actually introduced Kathy and Gerry close to 30 years ago. Their split was not as amicable as ours was.

So I walked outside with her son and we discussed his mother's health; she has her own issues. He mentioned that she has some tests coming up at MGH and asked me why I had a funny look on my face. I said "Well maybe your mother and I could share a room...." He looked skyward and made a noise "What?!" So I explained....laughing nervously...."How's she going to take it?" He just shook his head.

She actually took it pretty well and marveled at my calm. Kath said she has been in a complete panic since the beginning and it's been going on since just after Labor Day. I shrugged "It is what it is." We discussed my possible treatment options, my plans, etc. She is very adamant that she will not do chemo and warned me about people developing lymphoma ten years down the road because of chemo. I laughed. How can I worry about that?

I talked briefly to Gerry. I had arrived late and there wasn't a lot of time.

Afterwards I went to see Les. He is my company's accountant and we have a personal relationship. Les' office is just around the corner from the funeral parlor and he is a workaholic.
My plan was to pop over and demand that he take me to dinner. He knew something was up because he had beeped into a phone call earlier in the day when I was upset.

I walk into his office and kiss him and ask if he's had dinner. He says no, but he isn't going anywhere until I tell him what's wrong. I pick up a brochure off his desk with the Washington monument on it. "What's this?" I ask. He tells me it's from a company they do business with and again asks what's wrong. "Oh, I have cancer." He snatches the magazine away, grabs my arms and forces me to look at him. It's hard to look people in the eye when you are telling them. I look like Stevie Wonder with my gaze wondering all over the place. I don't want to see the pain I am causing.

He hugs me and says my name over and over. I tell him "I am fine! Don't I look fine?" and I do. I was wearing a sleeveless black top which complements my tan and my blond highlights very nicely.

As we walk into the restaurant Les says he doesn't have any words to tell me. I tell him "That's fine. Just tell me that you adore me and you will still think I am marvelous when I am bald." He laughs and holds me and kisses me. I am sure we looked ridiculous right in the middle of the foyer.

We go to dinner and talk about it until he doesn't want to talk about it. He wants to know why I am not angry. He wants to know if I still believe in God. I laugh and tell him, "Of course!" Les and I have had many such discussions. Several years ago, his daughter was murdered and his life has never been the same. Then we talk about other things. Politics. Jokes.

When we are leaving my heel gets caught in four inch deep hole just outside the front door. I went down like a ton of bricks right on the left knee.


My knee was all scraped and it stung. I am such a baby. I went back into the restaurant and asked for the manager. I was snippy. I showed him the hole and pulled up my pant leg to show him my skinned knee.

Then I apologized. I told him it was late and my knee stung and it's not like he dug the hole, lol.

He offerered me a gift certificate. What the hell, I'd be back anyway! I thanked him and he thanked me for pointing it out. He said he usually parks in the back and never walks that way.

Now my knee is stiff and I am cranky.

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