Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Somewhat Serious Note

As most of you know if you come here on any kind of regular basis, blogging is an important outlet for me. It's a great place to blow off steam. I guess I hadn't realized how important it was until I couldn't do it.

I've been going through a little personal stress that I couldn't write about here.

One reason I couldn't write about it was that I hadn't told my family and I had to hold my tongue. Now you know how close I am to my parents and sisters and sons so that was hugely stressful too.

But now I can vent here because SB helped me tell my sister Jen, his BFF. Tomorrow morning we will tell my parents, they are still in the cottage and by the weekend I will tell Grace. (Deb & Gen - if you are here, zip your lips!)

About six weeks ago during a routine physical I was found to have some strange test results. Further testing has produced a preliminary diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. There is still further testing taking place to confirm the diagnosis and stage the disease.

Right now they are quite hopeful that my case is asymptomatic and we will just watch it. This is known as a smoldering case and half of all smoldering cases never go any further. However, there is the chance that it is Stage 1 and my doctor likes to go at these cases aggressively. I am relatively young (only 1/3 of MM cases are diagnosed in people under 65 and I am 47) and otherwise healthy. If he seeks treatment it will likely be a bone marrow harvest, followed by a round of chemo and then my pheresed bone marrow will be given back to me.

This changes some things and some things remain the same. Should you be lucky enough to see me, I will expect you to act no differently than any other time that the goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force graces you with her presence.

I am young and healthy. Boston is the center of the medical world as well as the hub of the universe. I will be fine.

I am relieved to be able to vent here. Boy did I want to come out here and whine about the bone marrow biopsy last Tuesday! I told the Armorer and SWWBO that I had never been on a farm, but I knew what it felt like to be kicked in the ass by a mule!

So I will still scream and yell about my Bad Boyfriend. I will still profess my adoration for Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch and the CNO and Admiral Keating. I will still try to help you all understand that Boston is the most important place on earth. But for a while I will actually be more self-absorbed than usual. I know, you didn't think that was possible....but it is.


ParatroopRN said...


I am sorry to hear of your bad test results. I will keep you in my prayers, and ask for a GA to look out for you. Keep up your spirits and continue to write, live, and irritate/educate the clueless. This is one Virginian that enjoys your Yankee/Boston attitude.

Alan D. Briley, RN

Sgt. B. said...

We're with you, and we love you. You are not going to fight this fight alone. We'll hope for the best... You know the rest.

In that big, beautiful B-17 that is the Princess Crabby, with that glorious nose art, we're ready to hit this fight with all we have to bear, just let us know what we can do.

"Tail gunner reporting in, locked, cocked, and standing by..."

Pia said...

Like a good back-sliding catholic, I will say a prayer for you, but you don't need it. You are very lucky to have a wonderful, loving family to support you, and you're a strong woman. You'll be fine, I just know it! Semper Fi Maggie!

Googie Baba said...

Hey Maggie, I am really sorry to hear you are going through this. Count me as another back sliding Catholic saying a prayer for your health.

You strike me as being pretty tough. If there is anyone who can beat this thing, I am thinking its you.

Surfcaster said...

Godspeed Maggie!

But you are correct, you certainly are in the best, big place to look for any medical care for any illness.

The Sox are coming home after sweeping Seattle, Ortiz rejoins the team, Evil Empire in town, all is well in the world. And so you will be too.

(Dangnabbit I miss living in Boston sometimes)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,

Sorry to heard about your MM diagnosis. Here's another prayer for your health.

Also, do some research of your own on treatment options. There are some very good pharmaceutical products that are not chemo out there. Since I work for a company that markets such a product, and I do not want to have any risk on violating the promotional laws, all I'll say is to read up on the clinical trials for what these products can do.

You may also want to get in touch with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.


Vigilante said...

Best of luck to you, Maggie.

Army Wife said...

love ya lady...