Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today Is Great & Covered In Awesome Sauce!

So, after all my adventures since Friday, you know Hurricane Kanani.....I mean Kanani's visit & Hurricane Irene with a dash of the Freedom Trail thrown in......I slept for eleven hours.

Then my Dad drove me over to Grace's to lounge by her pool. I am earning my keep by skimming the Hurricane Irene debris out of the pool. Taking a break right now to post thisThis isn't the greatest pic, I may change it later. But once my crap is out of the way, all there is to see is a nice table and chairs in a yard surrounded and shaded by Rose of Sharon bushes and Grace's garden. The pool isn't big....but it's just me, so it's awesome.

It's 72 and sunny. Nice and dry.

Bonus! My nephew Dan was here to solve my computer problem. Grace has secured wi-fi and I am never able to get in with the laptop. I say never, you know I only tried twice and gave up. Anyway, he solved it and I am online with a strong signal, next to the pool with my ice tea.....

My Marine says I am living the life of a house cat. Yeah, I am!

Oh and Grace is going to dinner with work friends....and I am crashing it.

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Kanani said...

Yes, it was the hurricane that cause some poor guy at Charlestown Yoga to fall over when I pounded on the door!